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Business People Applauding

Become a committee ambassador.

Have you been contemplating become more engaged on campus? Have you seen things on campus that you wanted to improve?


Do you want to add student life activities to your resume?


We’re looking for students to sit on committees and share their voice on certain projects on campus.

Joining a committee on campus will provide you with experience working with a group of people to meet a common goal. You will also gain exposure on campus from being at the forefront of an important project. As you gain exposure, you will also be granted the opportunity to network with people from your industry or in your desired career path. A part of adding this to your resume, you will be able to show recruiters that you are a proactive candidate.


Lastly, the Associated Student Government (ASG) will provide students with $25.00 for each committee meeting that they attend. We will provide you with more information on how to receive your $25.00 per meeting once you sign up below!   


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