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Get Involved: Track & Field Replacement Committee

Our BOND Services Team is requesting student involvement on the Track & Field Replacement Steering Committing. In this blog, we will address the most common questions about this committee.

The college wants to form the committee to redesign the track and field venue and replace the synthetic turf stadium field and the all weather running track surface.

The project scope includes:

  • Expanding the synthetic turf footprint to the south to accommodate a 70YD x 115YD soccer pitch.

  • Reconfiguring (widening) the running track around the turf field.

  • Reconstructing the visitor bleacher including any required accessibility upgrades.

  • Relocating field events outside the track “oval” and provide large throw irrigation “cannons” around the new turf field.

What will our student representative help the committee to accomplish? The members of the steering committee will provide advice, assist with the design, and ensure delivery of the project outputs.

What will your responsibilities be if you join the committee? You will expected to attend the steering committee meetings. During the meetings, you and other members will be discussing design direction, reviewing drawings, and selecting materials. There may be between 6 to 8 meetings starting in December and ending in April of next year.

2020 1106 Track & Field Steering Committee Form - ASG
Download PDF • 94KB

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