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We're Gifting $100 Gift Cards for the Holiday Season!

We are planning to end this semester with the biggest giveaway of the year! At our most recent meeting our Chief Justice, Francis Seludo, proposed the idea that we provide our students with gift cards for the holidays.

$100 Holiday Gift Card Raffle for December 2020

Chief Justice Seludo presented BILL FA20-12: Holiday Gift Card at our regular meeting on Friday. Members of the board discussed the possibility of providing students with $100 gift cards to shop online during the holidays.

Additionally, the board discussed allowing students to choose their desired retailer. We were encouraged by members of the public to provide the option to students to support small local businesses in San Jose, CA.

BILL FA20-12: Holiday Gift Card not to exceed $5,000 was passed unanimously by the board. We will be providing fifty (50) currently enrolled students with a $100 gift card to their desired retailer for the end of the semester!

If you have any additional questions, we invite you to comment below!

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