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Vice President of Marketing Report for August 21, 2020 Meeting

Meeting with SJCC President Tomaneng

On August 17, the ASG board met with President Tomaneng to discuss how ASG can collaborate with administration to provide support to the SJCC student body. Specifically, we addressed the events that will take place during the Weeks of Welcome (WOW), current initiatives President Tomaneng is taking to make COVID-19 resources available, and some topics regarding the Academic Senate. We also established September 1 as the date ASG and President Tomaneng will co-host a Student Town Hall.

We were able to share personal stories of being a student attending SJCC and suggest changes that need to be made within our school. President Tomaneng mentioned the importance of collecting student data through surveys and questionnaires to accurately reflect the needs of the student body. I will be looking into adding a FAQ section to the ASG website, hosting a Q&A live with my ASG team, and creating competitions, surveys, and polls with my ASG team during WOW.

Vice President of Marketing profile update

I took the time to update my bio, profile, and contact information on the ASG website. Students can reach out to me by email, chat on the ASG website, and the comment sections under any of my blog posts.

Email to Volunteer Services at Second Harvest

I emailed Volunteer Services at Second Harvest Food Bank in order to inquire about creating a recurring volunteers team among ASG team members. As the first day of the Fall semester approaches, vacant ASG positions will be filled by August 28. In all, we'll have 8 members on the board.

"As Vice President of Marketing, it is my goal to invoke civic engagement through marketing as often as possible. It is one of my current projects to implore Second Harvest in recognizing ASG as a team that the food bank can count on."

Next Steps in the ASG Board Appointment Process

ASG is pleased to report that we've had over 10 candidates for the vacant ASG positions. In order to communicate the next steps in the ASG board appointment process, I created a comic strip graphic with instructions for candidates to film a 2 minute video about themselves. I collaborated with Chief Justice Francis Seludo to send out an email to potential board members with further instructions on August 21.

The graphic above will be updated with 4 more panels containing the faces of the newly appointed members of the ASG board and posted on our website.

SJCC's Virtual Employees Town Hall

On August 19, I was able to attend SJCC President’s Virtual Employees Town Hall with ASG President Amaria Rogers.

We were informed about a new pandemic update, an Emergency Response Plan, as well as a school update concerning a Return to Campus Plan. Student Affairs such as a New Add Code Process, Emergency Funds, Financial Aid Office's Virtual Front Counter, and SparkPoint workshops, are all new developments that SJCC will be sharing information about during the WOW.

Currently, SJCC is in partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank to host food drives on campus. They've served 1,658+ students and community members for a total of 7,100+ pounds of food. These food drives have been confirmed to continue through Fall 2020, and they are held every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.

I was able to contact ASG Director of Resources Renne Hom about next steps concerning the list of resources we want to compile for students during the WOW

Club Day Marketing

At the end of the week, I finished a club day graphic for social media. Flyers with the graphic will also be potentially distributed during the Second Harvest food drive on August 26th.


For any additional questions, please email

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