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Student Trustee Report for September 18, 2020 Meeting

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

SJECCD Special Meeting - 9/16/2020

  1. Discussing potential partnership with East Side Union High School District

    1. First official discussion of this partnership

    2. Several more discussions expected to hash out the details

    3. Details of next meeting(s) to be determined

  2. Public standing

    1. In overwhelming support

    2. Concern around inclusion of community (student, teachers, parents) voices when designing the partnership

  3. Trustee standing

    1. General support but large number of Trustees expressed concerns:

      1. “Partnership” is very vague

      2. While all stakeholders should contribute their input, a special focus must be placed on community members (students, teachers, parents)

      3. Need to be extra careful with East Side community because they have been traumatized by apathetic leaders and blatant racism from all public systems

  4. Measure G-2010/Measure X Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC)

    1. CBOC used to ensure that bond funds are spent the way they were intended to be spent by taxpayers.

    2. Need 1 student active in any “community college support group” at either SJCC or EVC.

    3. Current CBOC meets quarterly, date/time and frequency of meetings up to committee

      1. SJCC ASG will help recruitment efforts by boosting info about opportunity to students

    4. Meeting with Chancellor Byron D. Breland, Chancellor of SJECCD

      1. Please email me if you have something you’d like me to bring up in the meeting


SSCCC - No report

GUIDE50A Class Presentation - 9/14/2020

  1. Informed incoming high school students on how to get involved

  2. Very successful

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