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San Jose Public Library Hosts Grow with Google Workshop

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

As Director of Student Resources, it is my duty to share various resources and information that are forwarded to me by the college.

San Jose Public Library Presents: Grow with Google

The San Jose Public Library (SJPL) will be partnering with Google to host their Grow with Google workshop through their business and career center, SJPL Works. The FREE workshop will take place Thursday, December 10 from 9-10 AM and will be led by a Grow with Google trainer who will teach jobseekers how to organize and enhance their job search experience using Google Workspace tools. The workshop will begin with opening remarks by Mayor Liccardo and SJPL’s Deputy Director of Public Works, Michelle Ornat, and will conclude with a live Q&A. For interested students, you can use the following links to share this information with family and friends: SJPL Facebook Event SJPL Event Listing

[written by President Amaria Rogers on behalf of Director Renne Hom]

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