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Vice President of Marketing Report for August 28, 2020 Meeting

Preparation for Aug. 26 Food Drive

At the beginning of the week, I created graphics marketing our first #JagsForChange ASG initiative for the Second Harvest food drive that was held on SJCC campus on August 26th. These graphics were created for Instagram, Instagram story, and Facebook to encourage students to join our cause.

Appointing ASG Members

On August 24th, the current ASG board had a meeting where I placed my vote regarding the candidates for the 4 vacant positions we had to appoint. We all voted based on the qualifications detailed in the applications, the thoroughness of the details, the level of enthusiasm and unique contribution the applicant would bring to the team as well as the videos sent to us over the weekend. Interactions with the board during regular ASG meetings were also taken into account, determining how well each individual fit into our team.

The new members of ASG were sent the congratulatory letters of appointment on August 25th. They were sworn in to office on August 28th. Here's the full Associated Student Government board that will serve SJCC's student body during the Fall 2020 semester:

  • President Amaria Rogers

  • Vice President of Marketing Jayatri Bhattacharya

  • Vice President of Finance Mahogany Alexander

  • Chief Justice Francis Seludo

  • Student Trustee Manushi Yapabandara

  • Director of Communications Frank Valdez

  • Director of Student Resources Renne Hom

  • Director of Student Engagement Chloe Caron-Klusendorf

They will be joining the ASG community on this website soon, where students will be able to view their bio, blog posts, and contact information.

Preparation for Student Town Hall & (WOW)

Chief Justice Francis Seludo, Director of Student Resources Renne Hom, and I worked on a list of student resources we’ll prepare as a powerpoint presentation that we'll potentially present at the Student Town Hall on September 1st. We'll be posting this list as graphics on social media as well as a slideshow on the ASG website. I'll be posting the list as a blog post after the ASG meeting with President Tomaneng on August 31st.

#JagsForChange Initiative at Aug. 26 Food Drive

On August 31st, I accompanied the rest of the ASG board to volunteer as a group at the Second Harvest food drive. We handed out flyers, registered families, and distributed food.

Director of Student Resources Renne Hom and I helped assist students in finding loaner laptops and directed them toward the counseling booth. I was also able to address the concerns of a member of the student body, and work on next steps in terms of opening up new opportunities in leadership and outreach.

If you have any questions or concerns, let me know by emailing

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