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President Report for September 11, 2020 Meeting

In the past week, I worked on a variety of projects and attended numerous meetings. We did not have a meeting on Friday, September 4th to provide the SJCC Associated Student Government board more time to adjust to having online courses and learning our duties. 

On Tuesday, September 1st I attended the SJCC Academic Senate meeting. The SJCC Academic Senate shares in the governance of our SJECCD District in the case of academic and professional matters.

During this meeting, I was able to learn about the new committee members and partake in the conversation around choosing faculty to join the various committees on campus. Towards the end of the meeting, I provided a report about the various things SJCC ASG was working on at the time which included the ASG Community and Virtual Club Day. 

During the week of September 7th – 11th, I completed the following: 

  • Worked with Chief Justice Seludo, Student Trustee Yapabandara and Director Valdez to prepare for our Guide 50A presentation. These officers will be presenting to the students enrolled in that course on Monday, September 14th. 

  • Attended the ALMASS Information Meeting to learn more about the ALMASS club. I wanted to make sure that I am learning more about the various diversity groups whose interests I am representing. 

  • Attended the SSCCC Region IV meeting where we elected various regional officers. I enjoyed the process of voting for these officers and I believe that they will do great things for the region.

  • Met with Vice President Alexander and Advisor Garcia to discuss our process for Expenditure Request Forms for the Fall 2020 semester. We will be improving this system throughout the next month to ensure that students and businesses are able to receive payments for activities sooner. 

In the upcoming week, I look forward to seeing the team blossom with ideas and completed tasks. At this time, every team member has an assignment to complete in the next week. 

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