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Share Your Thoughts: Should Online Lectures Be Recorded?

Online education has been one of the major setbacks of the pandemic for many students at San Jose City College. This setback has caused some students to reconsider pursuing their educational goals until in-person lectures resume.

For other students, continuing to pursue their education has been challenging because online learning does not align with their learning styles. These students rely on the face-to-face connection with their professors and peers, which helps them to better digest the material in the course. Even more than that, students are facing economic hardships, technology issues, internet connection problems, and so much more due to the pandemic which may have affected their ability to go to synchronous lectures consistently.

With all of these challenges presented, one would think that professors would be more than willing to record lectures to aid in the success of their students. Unfortunately, that is not the case with many professors at San Jose City College.

We sent out our February newsletter asking 1,000+ enrolled students to share their thoughts about encouraging professors to record online lectures. The following is an excerpt from a student to support the recorded lecture:

"Not having lectures recorded is a disservice to all learners, particularly those who are more socio-economically and educationally disadvantaged. English learners and those with accommodations also benefit greatly from lecture recordings, and this should become the new normal for all learning whether delivered remotely or in-person. Learning outcomes and accessibility are sure to increase and improve for all students if universal lecture recordings are implemented at SJCC. This is already the case at Foothill and De Anza Colleges as well."

⏤ Excerpt of quote from student, Amanda

Professors claim recording lectures will infringe upon student privacy because of the names and faces of students recorded. Some students are in support of professors with this same reasoning.

"No. Many professors require cameras to be on at all times during the class. Since professors violate the privacy guidelines that have been laid out by the administration, when the professors record classes, and students open their microphones and participate in class, the recording shows their video as well...Thus, I would prefer if professors were not allowed to record any classes."

⏤ Excerpt of quote from student, Joshua

With the support of the student body, the SJCC Associated Student Government board is planning to create a resolution for distance learning equity where we would petition professors to opt-in to record their course lectures. Our goal is to poll at least 100 students before we present our findings.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Director of Communications, Frank Valdez (

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