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ASG Proposes Outdoor Student Lounge on Campus

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

VP of Marketing, Amanda Ross present the proposal for a new outdoor student lounge.

On November 18th, Associated Student Government board member Amanda Ross represented the student body before the Facilities, Safety & Technology Committee.

The Facilities, Safety & Technology Committee hosts public meetings on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm in the Student Center Community Room (SC-204).

What is the Facilities, Safety & Technology Committee responsible for? 

This SJCC FaST committee was established to ensure that the needs, concerns, or issues occurring at San Jose City College or that could affect the college's facilities, safety, and technology are addressed. 

What did ASG propose to the FaST Committee on behalf of the student body? 

The following idea was presented: 

  • Outdoor Student Lounge - Proposal to turn the Fire Escape Patio behind the Community Room into a more attractive outdoor lounge for students. Students will be able to use this lounge central space to socialize and enjoy the campus scenery (click here to view the proposal).

Here are a few images of the Fire Escape Patio:

The outcome of the FaST Committee meeting is that ASG has been granted the ability to outline a plan for beautification of this area. We will work together as a collaborative to devise a plan to change this area in the most cost-efficient way.

Quick Tip: When creating proposals, ensure that the desired outcome of the proposal is outlined within the presentation. Clearly outlining the desired course of action will help the committee or governing body to motion either in favor or against the proposed idea.

For example, if you want to add vegan options to the current SJCC Cafe menu you will want to state in your proposal that you would like to have a motion made to add vegan options to the SJCC Cafe menu.

Do you have ideas that you believe SJCC students can benefit from? ASG wants to hear from you, use this form found under our community menu item to pitch your idea. ASG Marketing will be sure to reach out to you to represent your ideas to the FaST Committee.

Do you have a question regarding pitching proposals to faculty/staff? Feel free to comment those questions below. We will be sure to provide resources to ensure students are empowered to do more on campus.