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Nov 5

Access Jaguar Sports Complex Showers



Have you ever wondered if there were showers on campus for student use?   


As you may be aware, board members of Associated Student Government (ASG) are currently working with the Athletic Department to gain full access to the Jaguar Sports Complex for the entire student body. 


In the meantime, we have been able to gain information regarding providing access for students to use the locker room showers as needed.  


So, how does a student gain access to the showers on campus? All students have access to the showers located in the newest Jaguar Sports Complex located beside the Student Center. 

  • Where are the showers located in the Jaguar Sports Complex? The showers are found on the first floor in the locker rooms. The locker room will be accessible during the operational hours of the campus. 

  • What if I cannot access the locker room because it is locked? All you need to do is visit the Athletic Department Office (also located on the first floor) and inform them that you would like access into the locker room. 


Know Your Student Rights: The AB 1995 law requires a community college campus to grant access to any homeless student if the college provides students a shower, as defined under the federal McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act.


If you have more questions about accessing the locker rooms for showers, please visit the ASG Offices in the Student Center (SC-115) and we will be to address your concerns. 

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