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Meet Our ASG President, Anai Avelino

I am here to serve you and help you in anyway that I can. Any time you see me on campus,  please stop me and tell me what you believe in! In order for me to be a successful President, I need to hear the voices of others, which is you! GO JAGUARS! - Anai Avelino

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The ASG President is the Chief Executive Officer of the ASG Board and may delegate any part of their authority to any ASG Officer.


Notice of the President’s delegation of authority shall be shared immediately with the ASG Board via email. 


Duties & Authority:

  • Call and preside over all ASG Board meetings.

  • Plan, prepare, and post all meeting agendas in collaboration with an ASG Officer of their choosing.

  • Serve as ex-officio member of all committees.

  • Represent the ASG where this representation is appropriate.

  • Prepare and present reports on plan of actions that address student needs with Director of Student Resources.

  • Work to develop a calendar of events.

  • All ASG vacant positions shall be appointed by the President and ratified by the SJCC ASG with majority vote. 

  • Ensure that all ASG Officers are fulfilling their duties.

  • Shall be the signatory on all contracts between the ASG and external organizations and/or individuals.